CPSA is proud to be the most-prestigious Islamic school in all of North America, with a recognized and well-deserved reputation as being number one in both academics and Islamic tarbiyyah. To maintain this position, CPSA has certain strict requirements that must be met by all incoming students before they can gain admittance to CPSA.

Please note that Admissions for school year 2023-2024 are currently closed. 

  • Admission requirements are based upon evidence of satisfactory progress and achievement at the student’s previous school.
  • Incoming freshmen are required to submit evidence of satisfactory completion of their previous grades. If students are transferring after the commencement of the academic year, their records should also include documentation of satisfactory progress in their current grade.
  • Transcripts of credits earned and grade placement are required from all previous schools for students transferring from other secondary schools.
  • The Certificate of Child Health Examination and/or other records of health examination and immunization for incoming 9th grade students are required by state law. Students will not be allowed to attend school if this state requirement is not met. Incoming students should have their physical performed before the beginning of the school year.
  • New students are required to take an entrance exam administered by CPSA for admission to grades 3-8, whereas admission to high-school grades 9-12 is limited to honor students as selected by the CPSA Admission Committee.
  • All new students are on academic and disciplinary probation for the first quarter of the academic year, without exception. Students requiring special services including, speech, and/or behavioral needs may be asked to withdraw from the school.

All forms required for the admission process, including the registration packet, health record forms, and more, can be found in our online forms archive where they may be downloaded and printed. Please note that a PDF viewer may be required.