CPSA is proud to be a fully-accredited K-12 school holding itself to only the very highest of Islamic, academic, and disciplinary standards.

 the-washington-post-logo For five years in a row, in its annual survey of the top school’s in the nation, The Washington Post has repeatedly found CPSA to be the number-one most-challenging school in all of Illinois!

The Washington Post’s decision is based off of numeric metrics and takes into account test scores, college admission rates, student workloads, the curriculum, and more – and it’s not the only organization to find CPSA to be number one, either.

act-logo CPSA’s rigorous curriculum and quality education gives it an unrivaled and impressive average score of 29.79 on the ACT exam – the number one criteria examined by colleges and universities for admissions. In addition, CPSA is proud to have several students earning a perfect 36/36 on the ACT, masha’Allah!
ap-logo-2 CPSA has more recognitions and awards from the College Board’s Advanced Placement program than any other school in its class, with 29 AP Scholars, including 3 national AP scholars, 13 AP scholars with distinction, 3 AP scholars with honors, and 5 AP scholars!
psat-nmsqt Home to two out of the nine NMSQT scholars amongst all Muslim students in Illinois, CPSA has a long track record of excellence when it comes to scholarships, standardized exams, and nationwide recognition.
CPSA consistently brings home the gold in the yearly MIST competition, winning first place five out of the past six times in a rigorous and widely-varied competition covering Islam, Quran, Arabic, debate, business, science, art, film, spoken word, and more between all Muslim students in the Midwest, including both public and private schools!
CPSA places yearly in the top 3 at the prestigious WYSE tournament for Worldwide Youth in Science and Engineering. CPSA’s strong focus on and its rigorous curriculum in math and the sciences, including chemistry and biology, make CPSA students excellent STEM candidates that makes acceptance into top-tier medical school programs around the nation easy for our students.
ictm At the most recent competition of the prestigious Illinois Council of Math Teachers, CPSA was awarded 1st place in algebra 1, algebra 2, calculator, and freshman/sophomore competitions and took overall 2nd place as the top Islamic school in the region.
ijas-sq CPSA students recently presented a total of 31 science fair projects at the state-level IJAS, the Illinois Junior Academy of Science, tournament, winning 25 gold awards, 12 silver awards, and two bronze awards for their scientific research and presentations!
university2 Our students have gained acceptance and gone on to receive great honors at the very top schools in the country, including Yale, Harvard, MIT, Stanford, Princeton, University of Chicago, Northwestern University, Johns Hopkins Medical College, Columbia University, and more. The complete list is available on our college admissions page.