Board of Education

CPSA is established as a waqf for Allah SWT and the community at large. The CPSA Board of Education is formed of 17 parents, alumni, and dedicated members of the community who are elected as volunteers for three year terms to the CPSA Board of Education. Elections are held every year, and community members are encouraged to nominate themselves and each other to give back to CPSA and the community. Individual members may serve a maximum of two consecutive terms before being required to step down for a minimum of one year, to encourage both new blood and new ideas.

Currently, the CPSA Board of Education is presided over by its chairman, Dr Shahid Ansari.

The CPSA Board of Education

  • Dr Shahid Ansari – President, Chair of Fundraising Committee
  • Zafar Choudhry – Vice President and Chair of Human Resources Committee
  • Kamran Ashraf – Secretary
  • Dr Mohammed Ilyas – Treasurer, Chair of New Building Committee
  • Dr Mohammed Taher – School Principal & Staff Liaison
  • Rashid Mohammad – Chair of Education Committee
  • Mahmoud Al-Qudsi – Chair of IT Committee, Chair of Building Committee
  • Tariq Ahmed – Co-Chair of Sports Committee
  • Khaja Hameeduddin – Chair of Board Development Committee
  • Dr Ali Niazee – Chair of Investment Committee and Finance Committee
  • Obeid Raheel – Chair of Public Relations Committee
  • Imaad Sheikh – Co-Chair of Sports Committee
  • Kamran Jameel – Chair of VSG Committee
  • Mohamad Abdallah – Education Committee
  • Dr Mahjabeen Hussain – Education Committee, VSG Committee
  • Anish Mansuri – Chair of Finance Committee
  • Imran Masood – Education Committee
  • Dr Syed Waliuddin – VSG Committee


Monthly Board Meetings

The CPSA Board of Education holds regular, scheduled meetings once a month. Currently, the monthly meetings are scheduled for 7:30PM on the 1st Sunday of each calendar month. Visitors are both welcome and encouraged to reach out to the board if they would like to drop by and present an issue at one of the monthly meetings, given sufficient advance notice.

In addition to the scheduled monthly meetings, individual committees hold meetings regularly throughout the month to discuss committee-specific matters.

Joining a Commitee

Members of the community looking to give back to CPSA are invited to join one of the existing committees, chaired by active board members.