2019 WYSE Regionals

Following are the results from the regional WYSE competition held on February 6, 2019

Best in English:

Zahra Irfan 11th Grade–1st Place

Zaynah Ansari 11th Grade–2nd Place

Best in Math:

Sarah Ahmad 11th Grade–1st Place

Aneeza Ahmad 11th Grade-2nd Place

Best in Chemistry:

Aamina Naveed 12th Grade–1st Place

Moizuddin Rizwan 12th Grade–2nd Place

Best in Biology:

Maaria Firdaus 11th Grade–1st Place

Zahra Irfan 11th Grade- 2nd Place

Aneeza Ahmad 11th Grade–2nd Place

Best in Physics:

Yusuf Khan 12th Grade–1st Place

Sulaiman Sajed 12th Grade–1st Place

Best in Computer Science:

Miftha Syed 11th Grade–1st Place

Ismail Mohammed 10th Grade–2nd Place

Yusuf Khan 12th Grade- 2nd Place

Congratulations to all participants on their hard work!!!

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