The Daily Herald’s coverage of CPSA’s ground-breaking

Assalamu alaikum everyone!

I hope you’re all having a wonderful and blessed end to Ramadan. May Allah SWT accept from us all the fasting, qiyyam, and zakah in this holy month and count us from among those whose sins are forgiven in this special time.

I just wanted to share with you The Daily Herald‘s article covering CPSA’s ground-breaking ceremony on the 12th of May, 2017.

Read: Lombard private school breaks ground on expansion

Some quotes from the article:

“We’ve been hoping for this when I was in high school,” said [Asim Ansari,] the 2000 CPSA graduate who now works as a dentist and has a preschooler and second-grader enrolled at his alma mater. “And now I’m hoping my kids get to see it.”

“It’s wonderful because now my children are going to the school,” said 1996 graduate Filza Irfan, whose kids are in preschool, fifth grade and ninth grade. “This building is very old so they need a larger place, a cleaner place, more state-of-the art classrooms and equipment.”

[CPSA’s] 54 staff members include Bothaina Zahdan, who has taught Islamic studies and Arabic to junior high and high school students for the past 18 years. Devotion and lots of fundraising have allowed the high school to be ready for construction this year, she said.

“We were very patient,” Zahdan said. “And our dream came true.”

We’ll have more photos and possibly even a video or two to share with you later from this exciting event, insha’Allah!

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