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We are humbled to announce our dear students at CPSA have launched an initiative for the oprhans in Myanmar, entitled: “CPSA for Myanmar”

From the students themselves:

“Previously this year, one of our classmates had the opportunity to visit Cox Bazaar, a small town in Bangladesh close to the Myanmar-Bangladesh border. Along with her dad and brother, she worked to help the refugees that had fled from Myanmar. They had lost everything: their family, money, and sense of security. She witnessed the tragedy first hand and uploaded vlogs showing the situation of those in the refugee camp. After hearing the refugees’ accounts, our group was inspired to raise money for Myanmar, in particular, orphan support.

Through our classmate’s vlogs we noticed the multitudes of orphans that had no one to turn to. Many of the orphans had witnessed the death of their families or been tragically separated from them. And according to recent research, there are currently more than 6,000 separated Rohingya chiclren living in Cox’s Bazaar, alone and at increased risk of abuse. We hope that by fundraising for them, the orphans will be able to get the support and love they need.


How Your Donation Will Help:

  • Literacy programs will be enacted to provide education for children out of school

  • Schools and other accessible learning environments will be constructed

  • Shelters and institutions will be erected where the children can be safe from exploitation and other negative influences

  • Hygiene kits will be distributed and proper instruction will be given to the kids to ensure proper usage

  • Nutritious meals will be provided to those that are unable to have access to healthy food

We encourage all parents and supporters of CPSA to support this pertinent effort by our dear students! For more information and to donate, please visit their official landing page via Islamic Relief USA.


May Allah (SWT) accept the sincerity of the students’ efforts inshaAllah!


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