CPSA Zakah Eligibility

CPSA is recognized as a 501(c)(3) organization and recognized as a tax exempt organization by the Federal and State government. All contributions to CPSA are tax deductible.

Please consider directing your next zakah (or a part of it) to CPSA, which is established as a waqf for the sake of Allah SWT and is owned by the community, without beneficiaries or owners. CPSA has consulted with nationally renowned Islamic scholars regarding the question of zakah eligibility and has been unanimously told that it may collect zakah under certain conditions that it abides by strictly.

Zakah contributions made on our zakah collection page are specifically earmarked for strict zakah-eligible use. These contributions are only used to cover the educational expenses of students from Muslim families in need and are not used for operational expenses, new building expenses, or anything else. Families meeting the strict requirements that make them eligible to receive zakah have some or all of their education funded from these collections. Our older baligh students from families in need that qualify for zakah under the terms of nisaab as independents are also eligible to have their educational expenses covered under these conditions. Zakah funds not used are rolled over to the next year and are not mixed with other income sources or used to cover budgetary deficits or operational expenses.

CPSA has also been informed by respected scholars that a part of the zakah collections may be used to cover the living wages of teachers in our Islamic Studies department; however, as we have a significant number of families qualifying for financial assistance and only collect a limited amount in zakah each year, as of now the collected zakah has been directed exclusively to cover students from families in need.