College Preparatory School of America

Raising the Muslim American leaders of tomorrow

America’s premier K‐12 Islamic School

Established in 1991, CPSA is America’s foremost private Islamic school, and prides itself on offering an unrivaled education to nation's highest-aspiring Muslim youth.

CPSA has concentrated on STEM subjects from the very beginning, and was found on the premise that a solid foundation in the hard sciences will lead to greater comprehension – and more importantly – increased practical benefit and utility, translating into real-world success. From the start, CPSA's founder Dr Saleem Abdul-Rahman sought to bring in only the most talented and capable educators, poaching them from top universities and companies around the world.

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“The most-challenging high school in all of Illinois…”
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CPSA Thinks Differently

CPSA welcomes your child from the very start, and beginning with a preschool environment focusing on sensory learning and self-teaching, continuing with an elementary education that instills critical thinking and builds a solid foundation of reasoning and information skills, primes them for the unique offerings of CPSA's junior high and high school program.

In the upper grades, our students are constantly exposed to new ideas and different experiences, as they learn to understand why and how the world around them works. From the hard sciences to language arts and the social studies, our students learn to think differently, question the world around them, and find out not just how but also why things work. And it shows: our students compete in the most prestigious meets nationwide and go on to attend the highest-ranked colleges and universities in the country.

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Led by the Quran's guiding light…

CPSA isn't just another college prep school. It's a community project, owned and operated by the same community it serves, freely given as a waqf to ensure continuity and clarity of vision. CPSA’s motto and mantra, “Academic Excellence in an Islamic Environment” is what holds it apart from the rest.

Our aim is to raise Muslim American leaders that know firmly who they are, where they come from, and above all, what they believe in. Our students are taught from the very start that each and every day is a blessing and an opportunity to better themselves for the sake of Allah SWT and to bring about good in this world.

With a reputation for character, modesty, and integrity, CPSA is a safe place for your children to learn about themselves and to avoid the corrupting influences that have come to permeate society in many respects — while making sure that our students always graduate ready to face the world at large.

CPSA welcomes families of all faiths and origins, and teaches mutual respect and constant charity, following in the footsteps of the Prophet Muhammad ﷺ.

College Preparatory School of America is a 501(c)(3) non-profit institution, headquartered in Lombard, IL. CPSA is a community-funded organization and is zakah-eligible.

Please consider contributing to help in the education and guidance of the next batch of Muslim leaders. CPSA is in the process of completing a new building project, which will insha’Allah double our capacity and provide us with the necessary space to enrich our science and technology offerings with more equipment and research materials.

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