ICTM 2021 Math Competition Results- 2nd in Regionals and 3RD IN THE STATE! Mubarak!!

The ICTM (Illinois Council of Teachers of Mathematics) State Math Contest is designed to recognize outstanding mathematical achievement, encourage independent study, stimulate interest in mathematics, and provide a wholesome meeting ground for students and teachers through academic competition. The competition consists of various individual and team competitions based on the student’s grade level in areas including Algebra 1, Geometry, Algebra 2, and Precalculus.

CPSA has excelled in this competition for many years as one of the top teams in both the regional and state competitions. With our rigorous mathematics curriculum and challenging honors track math courses, coupled with both weekday and weekend practice sessions, our students continue to shine year after year. Each year, the Division 1A ICTM State Competition invites 60 of the top schools from throughout Illinois and brings together about 800 of the state’s top math students for a fun day of exciting math. Recently, CPSA participated in the 2021 Regional and State Competitions and Alhamdulillah we are proud to announce that we came in 2nd place in Regional and 3rd place in State.

One very special achievement this year was that our Sophomore Geometry Team came in 1st place in the entire state by a wide margin. We would like to congratulate all of our 24 team members for their hard work and effort in preparation for this competition and showcasing their knowledge and skill at problem solving in a competitive environment. We are indeed very fortunate to have such talented students representing CPSA. We also would like to thank our dedicated coaches, Br. Rashid Mohammad who coached the 9th and 10th grade teams, and Dr. Junaid Mansuri who coached the 11th and 12th Grade Teams. We would also like to thank Mrs. Erum-Tariq Munir for her help in planning and organizing the competition events.

The team totals for this year’s top 15 teams are included below:

1    Cornerstone                                        517
2    Rochelle Zell                                       499
3    College Prep School of America      473
4    British School South                             383
5    Oblong                                                 363
6    Johnston City                                       359
7    Northridge Prep                                   344
8    Red Bud                                               338
9    Woodlands Academy                           326
10  Universal School                                   319
11  Islamic Foundation School                   296
12  Alleman                                                287
13  Morgan Park Academy                         285
14  Lexington                                              279
15  IC Catholic Prep                                    278


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