Udhiyah Drive 2018

CPSA students have raised over $4,500 in contributions and donations for the annual udhiya/qurbani drive to benefit needy Muslims around the world, masha’Allah!

Our students from grades K-12 work every year during this time to gather money for the yearly Udhiya Drive, disbursed via Islamic Relief USA.

We want to thank all of our students and teachers for participating and making this program a true success. Special acknowledgement goes to the 3rd grade students who raised over $300 and the 11th grade girls who raised almost $1,000 on their own, masha’Allah! They will be the lucky recipients of an ice cream party this coming Friday, insha’Allah.

Here’s a letter from Br. Asim Gaffar who oversaw the program:

Asalaamu alaykum,

Jazakallah khair for all your help and support in making this program the most successful ever this year mash Allah! We had so little time, but everyone came together to make it successful alhamdullilah.   The next few years the first days of Dhul HIjjah will be in summer so the program won’t be around in CPSA, but in sha Allah by 2028 it will continue up again!


Total raised: 

$4680  (best ever I believe!!)

Note:  Islamic Relief will still accept donations typically 3-4 days after Eid.  If anyone wants to round the number up and/or add more countries please get it to me by Friday of next week. Any amount is fine.


Countries sponsored:

43 countries sponsored from $65 to $400 (best ever I believe)!!

Attached is a picture of all the countries sponsored on the bulletin board.

May Allah (swt) accept it from all of us and instill in our students a love of helping Allah’s (swt) servants in need.  Ameen.

Finally, we are rewarding 2 classes with an ice cream party on Friday in sha Allah for their very high totals  The best from K-5th grade and best 6-12th grade.

  • Lower grade winner:  3rd grade (over 300 masha Allah)
  • Upper grade winner:  11th grade girls (almost $1000 on their own masha Allah)



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