Complete MIST Chicago 2018 Results

As promised, the following are the complete results from CPSA’s outstanding performance at the midwest MIST Chicago regionals from the weekend before last, where CPSA (once again, masha’Allah) took the first place prize as overall best school in an interscholastic competition between Muslim students from all public and private schools in the tri-state area, masha’Allah. More CPSA team photos from MIST after the list!

Overall best school:

  • 1st place: CPSA
  • 2nd place: Willowbrook
  • 3rd place: Universal

Overall best student:

  • 1st place: Sarah Syed (CPSA)
  • 2nd place: Mehreen Ali (Willowbrook)
  • 3rd place: Rahma Elabady (Universal)

Quran memorization:

  • Brothers Quran Level 4
    • 1st place: Yusuf Choudhury
  • Sisters Quran Level 4
    • 1st place: Maryam Ahmad
    • 3rd place: Hafsah Nawaz
  • Sisters Quran Level 3
    • 1st place: Rameen
    • 2nd place: Zahra Irfan
  • Brothers Quran Level 2
    • 1st place: Mohammed Baig
  • Sisters Quran Level 2
    • 2nd place: Suraiya Hashmi
  • Brothers Quran Level 1
    • 3rd place: Yaqub Hussain
  • Sisters Quran Level 1
    • 3rd place: Nusaiba Hashmi

Knowledge tests:

  • Knowledge Test Level 4
    • 1st place: Zainab Mohammad
    • 3rd place: Habeebah Khan
  • Knowledge Test Level 3
    • 1st place: Needa Shaikh
    • 2nd place: Sarah Ahmad
  • Knowledge Test Level 2
    • 1st place: Ebaad Rehman
  • Knowledge Test Level 1
    • 1st place: Aaliya Khaja
    • 2nd place: Amina Baig

Writing and Oratory:

  • Extemporaneous Essay
    • 3rd place: Idrees Mohammed
  • Extemporaneous Speaking
    • 1st place: Sarah Syed
    • 2nd place: Fatima Ala
  • Prepared Essay
    • 3rd place: Aneeza Ahmad
  • Original Oratory
    • 2nd place: Jamiel Abed
    • 3rd place: Amira Dadar


  • Culinary Arts
    • 1st place: Ayesha Farhat
  • Fashion Design
    • 2nd place: Yusra Siddiqui
    • 3rd place: Aiman Nawaz
  • Graphic Design
    • 1st place: Zainab Mohammad

Group Projects

  • Community Service, 2nd place team
  • Business Venture, 1st place team
  • Science Fair: 1st place team
  • Brothers Nasheed: 1st place team
  • Sisters Nasheed: 1st place team
  • Social Media: 1st place team

Bracket Competitions:

  • Math Olympics:
    • 2nd place: Muhammad Saleemi
    • 3rd place: Sarah Ahmad
  • Brothers Improv, 1st place team
  • Debate: 1st place team
  • MIST Bowl: 3rd place team


  • Sisters Basketball: 2nd place team
  • Sisters Soccer: 3rd place team



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