MIST Chicago 2017 Results

CPSA competed at the Muslim Inter-Scholastic Tournament at American Islamic College this past weekend (April 22nd and 23rd). MIST has many different competitions including Quran, academic competitions, art and athletic competitions.  This year was very difficult with many more schools and competitors.
Alhamdullilah, our school got 1st overall and we swept the top 5 students! Ms. Ayesha Siddiqui, Ms. Saarah Mohammed and Br. Asim Gaffar accompanied the students as coaches and coordinator.

CPSA OVERALL Team Champion (4 years in a row)

Top Students Overall:
Champion- Sarah Syed (with special prizes)
2nd- Afreen Mohiuddin  (with special prizes)
3rd- Sana Basheer  (with special prizes)
4th- Ayesha Mohammed (12th)
5th-  Zainab Siddiqui


Qur’an Level One- Girls
Champion- Suraiya Hashmi
Qur’an Level Two- Girls
2nd- Sarah Syed
3rd- Areej Kalota
Qur’an Level Three- Girls
Champion- Zahra Irfan
2nd- Eram Fatima
Qur’an Level Four- Girls
Champion- Maryam Ahmad
2nd- Rameen QadeerQur’an Level Two- Boys
Champion- Saurim Khan

Qur’an Level Three- Boys
2nd- Hamid Mohiuddin
Qur’an Level Four- Boys
2nd- Yusuf Choudhury

4th- Mubashir Sayeed

Test One (Tazkiya Book)

2nd- Mehroz Mohammed
Test Two (Social Psychology Book)
Champion- Sarah Ahmad
3rd- Humnah Rehman
Test Three (Cultural Commentary Book)
Champion- Sana Basheer
Test Four (Sociology Book)
Champion- Ayesha Mohammed (12th)
2nd- Hasan Saleemi

Original Oratory
Champion- Afreen Mohiuddin
4th- Amira DardarExtemporaneous Speaking
2nd- Sarah Syed

Short Fiction
3rd- Hafsa Siddiqui

3rd- Muhammad Saleemi

4th- Shahnaaz Sakkaria


Math Olympics
2nd- Sana Basheer
3rd- Asma Basith

3rd- Hasan Saleemi & Huzefa ChaudhuryMIST Scholastic Bowl (Covered 6 topics ranging from Islamic History to Current Events)
2nd place- Ayesha Mohammed, Afreen Mohiuddin, Eram Fatima, Maimoona Masood and Faraz Attar

Improv Boys
2nd- Zain Shaikh, Saurim Khan, Saude Chaudhry

Improv Girls
2nd- Amira Dardar, Ayesha Shafeeq, Maleeha Rasheed, Nurulhuda Farooqui, Zainab Khan and Zainab Siddiqui


Fashion Design
3rd- Sara Rajapkar

Culinary Arts
3rd- Ayesha Farhat
Graphic Design
Champion- Zainab Mohammad
2nd- Zainab SiddiquiScrapbook
Champion- Afreen Mohiuddin and Hafsa Siddiqui

Community Service  
2nd- Areej Kalota, Asma Basith, Eram Fatima, Iqra Naviwala, Mehroz Mohammed & Sana BasheerScience Fair

Champion- Fatima Ala and Miftha Syed

Short Film
3rd- Faraz Attar, Humza Ahmad & Saude Chaudhry

Business Venture
2nd- Ammara Ashraf, Maryam Ahmad, Nabeeha Latif, Summayya Ather, Safiya Farooqui

Social Media

Champion- Afreen Mohiuddin, Ayesha Shafeeq, Zainab Siddiqui

Nasheed Boys
Champion-Mohammed Sami, Mubashir Sayeed & Muzammil Sayeed

Nasheed Girls
2nd- Ayesha Mohammed, Hafsa Nawaz, Sarah Syed
SPORTS CATEGORYBasketball-Girls- 2nd place

Soccer- Girls- 2nd place