School Closure February 7-8

Assalamu alaikum,

CPSA will be closed for two days starting tomorrow (Tuesday, February 7th through Wednesday, February 8th) due to a particularly virulent strain of the flu that has caused quite a few students and teachers to call in sick.

While the school is closed, classrooms and other areas will be disinfected. No one is allowed into the building during these two days for health reasons.

All school activities will be canceled with the exception of:

  • High School Girls Basketball practice will be at Ackerman tomorrow from 5-6:30 and transportation will be provided by parents.
  • The high school boys varsity team will leave from CPSA at 5:30 PM tomorrow for their game at Lycee.
  • The girls high school basketball team will leave CPSA on Wednesday at 4:30 PM for their regional game.

School will reopen on Thursday, February 9th, insha’Allah.

Get well soon, everyone!